Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I Have Seen The Future

Official Selection:

-Sundance FIlm Festival 08
-Toronto International Film Festival
-Named TIFF Top 10 Short
of 2007
- Best Animated/ Experimental Short Film Los Angeles Film Festival
-Alberta Centenial Award CIFF

Made with a Bravo!FACT

Based on the music of
Kris Demeanor

The Real Place

Official Selection:

-Sundance FIlm Festival 09
Produced by the National Film Board of Canada in conjunction with the National Arts Center

-Best of Alberta Winner CIFF
- 6 AMPIA awards including Best Short and Best Director

5Hole - Tales of Hockey Erotica

-Named TIFF Top 10 Canadian Short Film of 2009
-Best of Alberta Nominee CIFF
- 2010 AMPIA Award Nomination - Best Music Video

Made with a Bravo!FACT

Fight For Flight

CTV / Bravo! Olympic Special profiling Calgary Ski Jumper Katie Willis.

Made with a Bravo!FACT
Music by Dewi Wood

My Misspent Youth

A short film based on an essay by Meghan Daum,
originally featured in the New yorker Magazine.
* Currently in pre-production check out our progress

Animation Reel

Quick overview of all Animation Projects. From 06- 09

Why Are We Here

This is the first animation I did with Kris Demeanor
and was for a performance.

Shrine of Impossible Love

This was created for a live theatre show by Peter Moller The show was presented at the 2006 One Yellow Rabbit High Performance Rodeo

Water Color

This is an animation was made just for fun in the early days and features beautiful music from Peter Moller


A compilation of animation work for the store Henry

Slide In Time

One of the first just for fun animation projects and was used in a performance.

Skratch Bastid

This animation was another just for the fun of it. Basically loved the song. By Skratch

Fancy Video

commercial video production

This is an project that we did for Calgary based company VEER .

*Note I am currently not active in commercial video production.

Commercial Video Reel

commercial video production

This is a compilation of numerous video projects from 06 - 07

Anlanda Web Reel 06-07


This is a compilation of Websites we developed from 06 - 07

*Note I am currently not active in commercial web